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Welcome to CPAN: the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault

A broad based, bipartisan coalition to preserve Michigan’s model No-Fault Insurance System

The Michigan No-Fault System Is Under Attack! Help us Preserve Your Auto No-Fault Benefits!

The insurance industry has introduced legislation that, if enacted, would fundamentally change the basic nature of the Michigan auto no-fault system.

Michigan insurance companies want to cap your injury and rehabilitation auto insurance benefits (known as Personal Injury Protection), which they say will save drivers about $10 per month for one year.  

Here’s what insurance companies are not telling you about this legislation:

  • The insurance industry-backed legislation will result in little savings -- just $10 per month for ONE YEAR ONLY. After that, there are no guarantees of long-term savings. 
  • Drivers will have to purchase MORE insurance to protect themselves from underinsured drivers.
  • Seriously injured drivers will be FORCED onto welfare programs to pay for their care once their auto insurance hits the proposed limits, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.

View a full analysis of the insurance industry's legislation, House Bill 4612, by clicking the link below:

Summary Analysis of HB 4612

Help CPAN Protect Our Auto Insurance Benefits!

Visit our advocacy page to learn how you can help CPAN fight your the rights of accident victims and protect our model no-fault system.


Urgent Action Alerts

HB 4612 (H-3) Summary Analysis by George Sinas

On Thursday, February 20, 2014, HB 4612 (H-3) was offered as a substitute to H-1, which has been stalled on the floor of the Michigan House for almost one year. Like H-1, H-3 imposes unprecedented limitations on medical benefits and significantly restricts what treatment and services are available to persons injured in motor vehicle accidents. In addition, many of the benefit limitations contained in H-3 were contained in Proposal C, a referendum which was resoundingly defeated by Michigan voters in 1994. This analysis seeks to focus on the specific limitations placed on medical care; other key elements dealing with the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) and fraud will be addressed in subsequent documents. The medical limitation highlights of H-3 are summarized in this document.

Cornack: House Speaker Jase Bolger's Auto No-Fault Proposal a Non-Compromise Compromise

House Speaker Jase Bolger today issued several proposed changes to Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance laws, claiming his proposals reflect a “compromise.” Reacting to Speaker Bolger’s proposals and his claims of a compromise, Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) President John Cornack issued the following statement: “If Mr. Bolger believes these new insurance-industry backed changes to Michigan’s no-fault system are a ‘compromise’ then he must be using a non-traditional definition of the word. Not a single CPAN member has agreed to his so-called reforms,” said Cornack. Read more...

Michigan Supreme Court No-Fault Rulings - Recap

The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault has conducted an analysis of Michigan Supreme Court cases decided under the Michigan Auto No-Fault Act within the past 10 years. From 2003 through 2013, there have been 25 major auto no-fault insurance cases decided by the Supreme Court. Of those 25 cases, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the insurance companies and against the patients or health care providers 21 times. The following pages provide a brief description of each of these 25 Supreme Court decisions and the impact the case is having on the rights of Michigan’s auto accident victims. ter body here...

Open Letter to Michigan Lawmakers Re: No-Fault Transparency

CPAN President John Cornack sent a letter to state lawmakers today urging them to to seek data from the MCCA to substantiate the claims made by the auto insurers to justify their proposed changes to the state's no-fault system.

CPAN President John Cornack Talks About Misleading Insurance Industry Mailer

CPAN President John Cornack was on the radio this week to talk about a misleading brochure insurance companies are sending to their customers. Listen to the interviews here.

Misleading insurance industry mailer encourages drivers to nix auto no-fault

The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault (CPAN) today warned Michigan drivers not to be intimidated by letters from their auto insurer encouraging them to support no-fault reform.

News and Announcements

Gubernatorial Candidate March Schauer Issues Statement Opposing Proposed No-Fault Reforms

Today Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer issued the following statement regarding Republican efforts to undermine Michigan's Auto No Fault Insurance Law.

While fight continues over what causes high car insurance premiums in Detroit, so too do astronomical rates

Enter body here...

Justice Michael F. Cavanagh receives Judicial Lifetime Achievement Award at CPAN Gala

Judge James Giddings presented Justice Michael F. Cavanagh with the CPAN Judical Lifetime Achievement Award on Saturday, October 26th at the 40th Anniversary of No-Fault and 10th Anniversary of CPAN Gala in Lansing. Attached is a copy of his remarks upon receiving this award.

PIP cap: Insuring corporate profits at the expense of consumers

As the economy took a turn for the worse in late 2007 many saw an opportunity to reduce the size of government, cut taxes for the wealthy, and cut benefits for the most needy. And while these austerity measures were good at putting money in the hands of the rich and big corporations they hurt the middle class and the poor.

No fault insurance debate rages on

Erica Coulston knows the value of Michigan's no fault insurance system better than most. She was in a serious car accident 12 years ago and became a quadriplegic. Years of medical treatment and physical therapy have made her not only more independent, but more upbeat about the future.

Auto insurers don't play fair with customers, study finds

The Consumer Federation of America blasted insurance companies that use education and occupation to set rates for auto coverage, calling it an 'unfair and discriminatory' way to price their policies.

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