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October  2015

John Prosser, CPAN Board Member, discusses the Michigan Supreme Court ruling on the MCCA Transparency Lawsuit with Mitch Album.
The Michigan Supreme Court issued an order vacating a recent decision by Michigan Court of Appeals, which held that the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) was not subject to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA statute applies to all entities that are considered to be a “public body.” The Supreme Court remanded the case to the Court of Appeals instructing that Court to specifically address the issue of whether the MCCA is a “public body.” The Supreme Court also instructed the Court of Appeals to address whether a statute passed by the legislature years ago that purported to exempt the MCCA from the reach of FOIA was constitutionally enacted.

November 2014

11.11.14 CPAN President, John Cornack, and Board of Director, John Prosser, are guests on the Michael Patrick Sheils show.  The topic of discussion is HB 5854
 which makes sweeping and destructive changes to the operation of the Michigan Auto No-Fault Assigned Claims Plan. This bill frustrates the objective of the Assigned Claims Plan by making it much more difficult for otherwise eligible victims to recover no-fault benefits. The Bill erects numerous technical barriers and procedural obstacles that claimants must strictly satisfy or lose their right to receive no-fault PIP benefits. Likewise, medical providers will lose the right to recover reimbursement for necessary medical treatment that was rendered to such claimants if there is non-compliance with the new technicalities created by this Bill.

February 2013

MIRs podcast interviews Laura Appel Michigan Health and Hospital Association about Medicare Expansion and Auto No-fault. MIRS Podcast. Laura Appel on Medicaid expansion and ANF.mp3

2/26/13 John Prosser, CPAN Board Member and Vice President Health Partners, joins Michael Patrick Shiel to talk about the status of No-fault legislation and need for MCCA to release its data prior to discussing any reforms to our 40 year-old premiere auto insurance system.

November 2012

John Prosser talks with Michael Patrick Sheils about auto no-fault and the lame duck legislative session.

October 2012

Frank Beckmann live broadcast from Eisenhower Center

On Oct. 18, Eisenhower Center hosted WJR talk radio host Frank Beckmann for a live broadcast to discuss the importance of Michigan's auto no-fault system and the brain injury rehabilitation field in Michigan. Segments from the show are posted below:

CPAN President and Eisenhower CEO John Cornack 
Former State Rep. Jim Howell and his family talk about their son Sam's traumatic auto accident
Christine Myran, Vice President of Eisenhower Center
i9Sports President Brian Sanders and State Rep. Mark Ouimet
September 2012

September 27 John Cornack and John Prosser join Michael Patrick Shiels "the BIg Talker" to discuss the CPAN and BIAMI lawsuits against the MCCA.


July 2012

July 2012 Interview with John Prosser on the Charlie Langton Show - Senator Coleman Young guest host - discussing high insurance rates on Michigan.


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