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Letter from AAA Auto Insurance President

The September-October newsletter from AAA auto insurance includes a letter from the company's president, in which he confirms many of CPAN's positions on no-fault insurance reform.

Here are three important takeaways that CPAN members should know about this letter:

1)  AAA President Steve Wagner confirms that a survey of their own customers found that 70 percent believe Michigan's lifetime auto injury benefit is important.  The letter goes on to state that customers do not wish to pay more for this benefit, but no one wants to see prices increase. 

2) The letter agrees with CPAN's position that more needs to be done to combat insurance fraud.  We would remind Mr. Wagner that fraud swings both ways. Customers who file false claims should be punished. It's just as important that insurers that purposefully deny legitimate claims are equally punished for fraud. 

3) Mr. Wagner argues that Michigan's lifetime no-fault benefit is making auto insurance unaffordable for most Michigan residents. What he conveniently fails to mention is that collision insurance is the most expensive part of of an auto insurance policy. Collision insurance is about 60 percent of an auto insurance policy, compared to about 20-30 percent for the portion that provides for lifetime injury coverage. 

Mr. Wagner then closes his letter by saying that AAA will continue to listen to the thoughts and opinions of its members and "advocate for insurance reforms that are in the best interest of our (their) members and Michigan's driving public. CPAN encourages its members who are also AAA members to write to their AAA agent or representative and voice your support for the life-saving benefits provided under Michigan's no-fault system. 

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