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Posted Nov 20th, 2015
A recent EPIC-MRA survey found that 54 percent of Michigan general election voters oppose Senate Bill 288 (D-Insurance) while only 33 percent support. The proposed law would severely limit the medical care available to Detroit drivers injured in auto accidents to a total of $250,000 in critical medical care, and just $25,000 of care once a patient is stabilized. Click the link above to get the full results.

Posted Oct 16th, 2015
The Michigan Supreme Court issued an order today vacating a recent decision by Michigan Court of Appeals, which held that the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) was not subject to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

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Posted Jul 15th, 2015
Anyone who has read the July 9 Detroit News opinion column by insurance industry executive David Poe pushing for auto insurance reform may want to take a step back and consider the credibility of the source and the motivations behind the message. We found so many false or misleading statements that we felt it important to address them one-by-one.

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Posted Jun 18th, 2015
Lansing – A bi-partisan group of lawmakers introduced a bill today and would subject the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) to the state’s transparency laws. The MCCA is a critical component of Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system that acts as a reinsurance fund for Michigan auto insurance companies, reimbursing them for catastrophic injury claims above $545,000.

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Posted Jun 10th, 2015
In an effort to address the problem of excessively high auto insurance rates in Detroit, SB 288 was recently introduced by Senator Virgil Smith. The Senate Insurance Committee passed two amendments to this bill, which is currently referenced as SB 288 (S-3). This bill gives Detroit residents, as well as residents of any city where more than 35% of its residents are uninsured, the option to purchase a stripped-down auto no-fault insurance policy that is not legal to sell to any other Michigan citizens. This type of substandard no-fault policy is referred to as a “Qualified No-Fault Policy.” These substandard no-fault policies contain drastic limitations in coverage and benefits compared to that which is available under a traditional Michigan no-fault insurance policy. That means people insured under these substandard policies will have second-class auto insurance compared to other Michigan citizens. Moreover, such policies are likely to have significant negative consequences statewide. The main features of SB 288 (S-3) are described in this summary.

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Posted Jun 8th, 2015
CPAN's press release following the Senate Insurance Committee Meeting on June 3rd that resulted in a vote on SB 288, Mayor Duggan's D-Insurance Bill. The bill passed out of committee by a 5 to 3 vote and is now on the Senate floor with a vote anticipated during the week of June 8th. To read CPAN's Analysis of the D-Insurance bill, check the CPAN website Urgent Action Alerts.

Urgent Action Alert
Posted Jun 1st, 2015
After barely 72 hours of consideration, the Michigan Senate, on April 16, 2015, passed SB 248. The Insurance Committee of the Michigan House of Representatives amended SB 248 and voted SB 248(H-3) out of committee on April 30, 2015. SB 248 (H-3) (hereinafter “the Bill”) is now pending in the House of Representatives. The Bill would: (1) significantly reduce reimbursements to medical providers; (2) substantially limit attendant care benefits to catastrophically injured patients who are cared for at home; (3) create a new catastrophic claims commission for accidents occurring after the effective date of the legislation; (4) create a new insurance fraud authority; and (5) adopt a new test to determine if insurance premiums are excessive. CPAN believes the Bill is seriously flawed, will create great instability in the Michigan auto no-fault system, impair patient access to medical care, seriously reduce revenue to the Michigan health care industry, result in a significant loss of jobs, and completely fail to reduce auto insurance premiums for the majority of Michigan citizens. The highlights of the Bill are summarized is this document.

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The insurance industry has introduced legislation that, if enacted, would fundamentally change the basic nature of the Michigan auto no-fault system.

Michigan insurance companies want to cap your injury and rehabilitation auto insurance benefits (known as Personal Injury Protection), which they say will save drivers about $10 per month for one year.  

Here’s what insurance companies are not telling you about this legislation:

  • The insurance industry-backed legislation will result in little savings -- just $10 per month for ONE YEAR ONLY. After that, there are no guarantees of long-term savings. 
  • Drivers will have to purchase MORE insurance to protect themselves from underinsured drivers.
  • Seriously injured drivers will be FORCED onto welfare programs to pay for their care once their auto insurance hits the proposed limits, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.

View a full analysis of the insurance industry's legislation, House Bill 4612, by clicking the link below:

Summary Analysis of HB 4612


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