What is CPAN?

The Coalition to Protect Auto No-fault is comprised of more than 25 health care, labor, consumer and military veterans organizations representing thousands of members. CPAN was formed after Michigan’s successful auto no-fault laws became under siege from the courts and the state legislature.


Who are CPAN’s leaders? 

CPAN’s staff  and board of directors  is led by expert professionals, many of which have a long history of working in either in and around Michigan’s legislature or the healthcare and consumer advocacy industries.


What issues is CPAN currently following?


Lawmakers are expected to take all relevant information into consideration in order to make sound public policy decisions. This open and transparent access to information is required to maintain the credibility of our legislative process.

Moreover, all Michigan drivers are required to have auto no-fault insurance and largely fund the system through their insurance premiums. They have the right to know how their money is being used and how their rates are being determined, but the insurance industry refuses to release this information to the public.

Maintain Access to Quality Medical Care 

Michigan’s no-fault insurance system was created with the promise that all persons injured in an auto accident would have access to lifetime medical coverage for all reasonable and necessary care related to their injury. Legislation has been introduced that threatens the very purpose of no-fault insurance by proposing a cap on auto injury benefits as low as $500,000, taking away lifetime benefits, and imposing fee schedules that would  severely limit accident victims’ access to the quality and necessary care.

No-Fault Tort Threshold Reform

Michigan’s no-fault system works because it balances guaranteed medical care in exchange for the limited right to sue the at-fault driver. Under Michigan no-fault law, accident survivors can only sue the at-fault driver when a certain injury threshold is met. That tort threshold, however, has been defined and then redefined through several court cases. Each court case has shifted the delicate balance of the no-fault system. If the legislature does not take action and define a tort threshold for auto injury cases, the nation’s best auto injury system will always remain in jeopardy.


What is the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association?

The MCCA was created by the Michigan Legislature in 1978 through an amendment to the Michigan No-Fault Act, and its primary responsibility is to reimburse Michigan auto insurance companies for personal injury claims that exceed $500,000. In this capacity, the MCCA ensures that auto insurance companies are not overly burdened by Michigan’s requirement that accident victims receive uncapped benefits for as long as their injury persists.


How can I stay informed about no-fault issues?

Lots of ways -- follow us on Facebook and Twitter, or use the contact form on the website.


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