CPAN is an award winning organization 

For the four consecutive years, CPAN has earned a prestigious MSAE,award at the Michigan Society of Association Executives Diamond Awards banquet.

2012 CPAN was recognized in the category of Government Relations for savvy development and implementation of a government relations project.The Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault received the top award for its efforts to stop legislation that would have dismantled Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance system.  CPAN edged out other worthy candidates in the category of “Government Relations – Organization under $1 million". 
2013 CPAN received two Diamond awards: the first in the category of Social Media Campaign - for a successful use of social media as part of an overall communications campaign, the second for innovation campaigns to increase awareness of an organizations issue among the public, media and other external audiences.
2014 CPAN received an Honorable Mention in the category of Membership Development - for excellence in recruitment and retention f members through the use of creative strategies. 
2015 CPAN again received an Honorable Mention in the category of Innovative Collaboration - for inviting the Insurance Institute of Michigan to partner in 
hosting the Michigan Driver Safety Showcase in September 2014: a showcase highlighting safer driving habits with the goal of reducing accidents on Michigan roads.

2012 CPAN along with its public relations firm, Truscott Rossman, won a prestigious PACE Award for Research from The Public Relations Society of America - Central Michigan Chapter.

CPAN's General Counsel, George T. Sinas has been honored with several distinguished awards for his work in the area of auto no-fault.

 2013 George was selected by his peer as the Lawyer of the Year. George has wisely guided CPAN’s efforts to make sure that the legitimate concerns of motor vehicle accidents victims and their providers are heard as our legislators contemplate auto no-fault reform.  Moreover, he continues to come up with unique strategies and ideas that are making a real impact in the auto no-fault reform debate.
On the legal front, George has spent countless hours writing, reviewing and revising very important amicus briefs CPAN has filed in numerous important auto no-fault cases pending before the Michigan Court of Appeals and the Michigan Supreme Court.  His legal expertise has resulted in CPAN filing very provocative amicus briefs that have helped significantly influence and shape how Michigan Appellate Courts decide the most important auto no-fault cases. 
Moreover, George has recently led a team of highly skilled lawyers in pursuing a lawsuit filed on behalf of CPAN against the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) to obtain important financial information under the Freedom of Information Act.  In a very significant decision released on December 26, 2012, the Ingham County Circuit Court ruled in favor of CPAN and found that the MCCA was obligated to disclose important financial information under the Freedom of Information Act. The MCCA is now appealing the ruling from the Ingham County Circuit Court. CPAN will turn to George to determine the best way to uphold the victorious result obtained in the Circuit Court.  Ultimately, this case is critically important to making sure that our legislators have all the information available to make the best decisions regarding whether or not to fundamentally reform Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law. 
In sum, George has been using his years of experience and expertise as an attorney to provide precious guidance to our organization during a time when the virtues of Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Systems are in greatest jeopardy.  George is doing this work because he deeply believes that despite the controversies surrounding Michigan’s Auto No-Fault System, the comprehensive coverage it provides for the care, recovery and rehabilitation of motor vehicle accidents victims is too important to lose.  In this regard, George is doing

 what every lawyer hopes to be able to do at some point in his or her career – make a difference for something he or she truly believes in.  There is no question George Sinas is a true Leader in the Law in Michigan.

2013 George T. Sinas was awarded the Catalina Andres Humanitarian Award for his ongoing and untiring efforts to protect the Michigan No-Fault Law. The award was given by the ACS Foundation. 

2014 George Sinas received the Champion of Justice Award from the Michigan Association for Justice. The Champion of Justice Award is given out at the Michigan Association for Justice's Annual Banquet.  The award is given to an individual in appreciation of their commitment to the civil justice system and to preserving the rights of citizens.



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